About The Faculties

1] Mr. Sachin N. Ninawe: (Mathematics)

M.Sc (Statistics) & M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed., PGJMC, Regd. for PhD.

18 years teaching experience in Mathematics & Statistics. Ex. faculty member in Statistics dept. PGTD RTM Nagpur University. Taught Mathematics in Various Colleges & for IIT-JEE.



2] Mrs. Archana S. Ninawe: (Science)

M.Sc (Environmental Science). 14 year teaching experience in Science & XII Biology. Taught CBSE & State Board students.





3] Mr. Prakash Kshirsagar: (English)

M.A (English), B.Ed. 13 year teaching experience in English. Taught English in various colleges & Institutions.   Taught competitive English. Taught at

English Speaking Classes.





4] Dr. Pravinkumar Domde: (Biology)

PhD, M.Sc (Biochemistry). 10 year teaching experience as a lecturer in Raisoni College. 6.5 year research experience in NEERI & CIIMS.









5] Mr. Ajay Dhote: (Physics)

M.Sc Physics. 12 year teaching experience in Physics for XII, JEE & PMT.







6] Mr. Vivek Naware: (Computer Science)

B.E, MBA, M.tech (CS). 13 year teaching experience & lecturer in J D College of Engineering.









7] Mr. Mohan Gawande: (Chemistry)

M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed. 12 years teaching experience in Chemistry. 4 years teaching experience as a lecturer in NIT College of Engineering.






8] Mr. Kishor Deshmukh: (Chemistry)

M.Sc (Chemistry), B.Ed. 7 years teaching experience in Chemistry for XII and IIT-JEE,









9] Mr. Sudhir Mishra: (Physics)

B.E. from RTMNU, 5 years teaching experience of physics for State Board and IIT-JEE/NEET.










1] Physics- Mishra Sir, Dhote Sir and Rafiya Ma’m.

2] Chemistry – Deshmukh Sir, Gawande Sir and Bhoyar Ma’m,

3] Mathematics- Ninawe Sir, Sanjeet Sir and Nikhar Sir.

4] Biology-  Ninawe Ma’m and Pravin Sir.

5] English- Kshirsagar Sir.


For VIII + IX + X-

1] English – Swati Ma’m and Kshirsagar Sir.

2] Mathematics –  Upase Sir and Nilima Ma’m.

3] Science – Manjusha Ma’m and Archana Ma’m.


Management Staff:

Khushal Sir, Vijay Sir, Priyanka Ma’m, Rupali Ma’m and Rupesh Sir.